live life on your terms



To awaken a mass of people to their own unique human potential…

…living life on their terms from the truest expression of self,

to maximise their impact on this planet, with this planet.

Through Self Mastery and Adventure we have humans:

1) Open up into a state of FLOW.

2) CONNECT with self, others and nature. 

3) Shake shit up and THRIVE, with purpose.

five YES& offerings


developmental coaching

One-on-one Coaching: Transformational human development increasing your capacity for impact. Clearing and growing up through structures holding you back, in order to thrive in life, live on your own terms and be at your most powerful.


yes&explore:an arctic leadership program

An EPIC two week program in the Arctic circle where we combine the exploration of self and nature.

Engaging in workshops on Leadership, Self-Mastery and Sustainability - you’ll ignite an idea from mind to life and walk away with actionable steps well beyond the program.



Meditation + Self Mastery program


A 10 week program that has meditation become a life long practice whilst teaching you day to day skills in self-regulation, stress reduction, positive habit development and an ability to remain centred in any given moment or situation.



A high impact mind-life flow fest.

Connecting with the human behind it all - the student, the activist, the entrepreneur.

Workshops, talks and panels combined with experiences food, breath, sound and movement




A six Day retreat

A retreat for entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs to be ready to ignite an idea from mind to life and enhance their social impact.

Whether that be starting a new business or working on a project in your current business, YES& Ignite is akin to a ‘live mastermind’ that has you create, plan and execute an idea and/or project into this concrete reality.