Don't sweat the small stuff.



Two years ago I sat there thinking about what my passion was. Is it physiotherapy? No. Some may be surprised but it became clear to me that although it wasn't my passion, physiotherapy is a damn good vehicle for me to employ my passion. 

My passion came down to two channels:

a) Providing someone with the tools and guidance to help them help themselves to achieve a goal or life they want and;

b) Creating a community of mutual benefit for everyone involved where strangers unite in the form of a common interest or itch to scratch and benefit from interacting within the pack.

Starting YES& is a completely selfish act. I get my kicks out of seeing others achieving what they otherwise deemed impossible.

Big time. 

I've spent my life focusing on optimising human performance.

In sport, physio and day-to-day real life shit. 

Everyday life hacks. Habit development. Mind-set retraining. Skill acquisition.

I've done this with the intention and purpose to achieve work-life fusion.

 I set out to explore people, the human mind and what it is that we really want and need versus what we think we want.

Mentors, books and many leaps into the deep-end have me on my way.     

At the age of 29, I now find myself in an amazing business partnership bound by mutual consideration and respect. Built and created three years ago, from scratch, Michael and I co-own iMove: three physiotherapy clinics with an incredible team and an ethos to create work-life fusion for all involved four day work weeks, regular long weekends and mandatory getaways.

I am young. Doing what I want to be doing and finding my passion in what I do. This now has me evolving that into a life where my passion, skills and qualities have the opportunity to positively influence many. 

To be continued...